What to learn next?

I'm working hard toward my OSCP. I've been studying, and I was given a boost of confidence just a few hours ago.

I have a few writeups I can't publish until the boxes are retired. Lame.

I'm definitely getting where I need to be for this one. I want to practice my Buffer Overflow a bit more (I really can't get motivated because it's so repetitive and boring.)

I also want to practice a bit of Windows, but I really am starting to think this is obtainable. It really didn't seem that way even a few months ago. Heck, even last week.

So some things I definitely want to work on once I'm done with this:

  • Python scripting – I need to up my skillz here.
  • Ansible – I can kinda stumble my way though and get something that sort of works after several hours of frustration.
  • Containers – These are still voodoo magic boxes to me.

About my learning

I've also been trying to focus on reading more. Rather than trying to read a book and understand everything, I've learned that it's better to read it and just try to pick up what I can and continue on. You can learn more reading a full book and only getting half of it (if that) than stressing out over reading and understanding everything and only getting in a chapter or two. I've also been reading more blogs and anything else I can. Hopefully I can translate some of the knowledge into my writing.

Things I've been reading:

  • Web Security for Developers - This book is pretty cool so far. It started out pretty simple, but it started to get deeper into concepts I'm not familiar with (I haven't done a lot with web apps, so it's a learning experience).
  • Hacker News - Just a cool site recommended by a buddy at work. Find a lot of interesting reads here.

Things that seem cool:

In Other News

I ordered a cool GitHub hoodie.