Reading about contributing to open source projects

I think the idea of contributing to open-source is really cool. A friend recently told me that's a good way to build up my coding chops.

Coding is one of those things I've never been particularly good at. I can sort of, more or less, get around and figure somehting out if I need to. Takes a lot of Google searches, and a lot of reading solutions on StackOverflow until I figure something out.

I guess there's nothing wrong with that, since coding has never been my primary learning objective. I've just kind of considered it a secondary skill that I improve here and there when I need to.

Either way, I got to reading about open-source projects, and I thought I'd dig around for some beginner stuff and contribute.

I thought I'd share a GitHub repo I found that's basically a collection of "open source for n00bs" projects and reading material.

Check it out here.