A Note on Hacktoberfest, and EZShellz

Hacktoberfest is a really cool event, but people are kind of ruining it by creating spammy PRs in the name of receiving a free shirt.

It kind of sucks, because it's supposed to be a really cool event in which people get to learn a bit about coding and contribute to opensource projects. Unfortunately, it became Spamtoberfest, and of course people are angry. They have a reason to be. Their projects are receiving a bunch of crap, unsolicited pull requests and it's literally things like minor text edits.

Currently, I have two PRs, but I want to look for a few more projects to contribute to. This was actually one of my own projects, so I know it's kind of lame, but it's something I was working on anyway.

Say hello to EZShellz.


This is a tool I created because I got tired of looking for reverse shell cheatsheats. You use your attacker machine's IP and listening port as args and select a language (such as Python, Perl, or a Netcat shell with or without the -e, etc). The script returns the proper shell and automatically sends it to your clipboard for easy pasting into the terminal.

Check it out here. Feel free to contribute, but please, make it something cool and useful.